Mission, Vision and Values


To contribute to the prestige and customer profitability, by providing a high quality service and expertise, supported by a quality management system, thus enhancing the image of excellence of companies operating in the human resources market, attaining continuous improvement.


To elevate the company's position as a benchmark in human resources, generating high levels of employability and achieving the expectations of customers, employees and the shareholder.


  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

Controller de Oficina

[0000000218] - Angola - Luanda (Centro)

Gestor de Clientes Farmacêutico

[0000000302] - Angola - Luanda (Centro)

Professor de Inglês

[0000000304] - Angola - Luanda (Centro)

Técnico Administrativo & Financeiro (m

[0000000305] - Angola - Luanda (Viana)

Auditor Sénior

[0000000156] - Angola - Luanda (Centro)

Director Técnico de Farmácia

[0000000256] - Angola - Luanda (Centro)

Contabilista / Responsável de Contabil

[0000000303] - Angola - Luanda (Benfica)

Director de Compras

[0000000281] - Angola - Luanda (Benfica)